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Have you or someone you know in Omaha, Nebraska or a surrounding area been arrested or charged with a criminal offense?

Do you or someone you know in Omaha, Nebraska or a surrounding area need the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer?

For years, McGoughLaw, P.C. L.L.O. has been defending residents of Omaha, Nebraska and the rest of Nebraska who have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense. Omaha-based McGoughLaw aggressively defends those arrested and charged with any of the following crimes:

  • Drunk Driving/Traffic Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Assault and Battery Crimes
  • All Felony and Misdemeanor Crimes
  • Sexual Misconduct Crimes

In addition to the above, McGoughLaw aggressively defends many other types of State and Federal criminal offenses. Please visit the Defense Services page for a full description of the services offered.

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at McGoughLaw have over 23 years of combined criminal law experience. They have successfully gone to trial on many different types of criminal offenses. McGoughLaw is comprised of aggressive and experienced criminal defense trial attorneys, who begin preparing the case for trial from their initial contact with the client. The Firm’s criminal defense lawyers have a strong reputation for excellence in the courtroom and aggressively represent their clients that have been charged or arrested with a criminal offense through all stages of the trial process.

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at McGoughLaw do not rely upon the investigation done by law enforcement officers, insurance agents, or other interested parties, but perform and complete their own investigation into each case to identify all of strengths and weaknesses of a particular case. This level of preparation translates to better results for their clients.

The criminal defense trial lawyers at McGoughLaw are not only skilled litigators, but they also client centered. The criminal trial lawyers and their qualified professional staff take careful consideration in ensuring that each and every client fully understands the litigation process and contributes to their case in a meaningful way. They understand that the client’s case is most likely the most important event in the client’s life. Each case is handled with this in mind.

If you or someone you know in Omaha, Nebraska or anywhere within Nebraska has been arrested or charged with a crime or needs the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, then contact McGoughLaw, P.C. L.L.O. to speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer at 402-200-4835 or via their contact form in the left column.

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